PSTN – local phone

ULTEL provides local telephone services (both traditional analog and SIP) to the population and non-residential sector in the city of Baku (mainly Khatai, Narimanov and Binagadi regions). Tariffs for local telephone services here.

Name of services Tariffs (VAT included), manat
Residences Others
1 Installation of the telephone - analog or SIP  30.00
2 Monthly fee for using of the telephone - analog or SIP  3.50 7.00
3 Installation of SİP-channel 10.00
4 Monthly fee for using of SIP channel 5.00
5 Rename of the current telephone to the new customer (on residential and non-residential facility) 20.00
6 Installation of the two wires leased line between two points 30.00
7 Monthly fee for using of the two wires leased line between two points 7.00
8 Installation of the high frequency channel through physical connecting line using appropriate terminal equipment regardless of the rate on the channel:  
8.1 - installation fee 30.00
8.2 - monthly fee 10.00
9 Fee for blocking the “0” code for access to intercity and international telephone exchanges or temporarily disabling the phone. 2.00
10 Providing of one information by information service 0.40
11 Monthly fee for using of additional services 0.35
12 Organization of serial group of numbers with one “Pilot” number and additional numbers of group  
12.1 Installation fee for “Pilot” number 100.00
12.2 Installation fee for direction each additional number to serial group of numbers 7.00
13 Renaming fee after structural changes of organizations and companies (not dependent on quantity of telephone numbers) 20.00
14 Change of telephone number 20.00
15 Fee for ISDN-PRI ports:  
15.1 Installation fee 200.00
15.2 Monthly fee for using 160.00
16 Fee for using of short telephone numbers (3 and 4 digits), provided to physical and juridical persons for connection with public telephone network through the appropriate telephone switch  
16.1 - installation fee 200.00
16.2 - monthly fee 50.00
Tariffs for national calls
Name of services Tariffs (VAT included), manat
1 1 minute of national call 0.03
2 One minute of call with mobile operator's subscribers 0.22
Additional services
1 Payment for list of details of national and international calls 0.10
2 Providing information about incoming and outgoing calls for each telephone number during 1 month 1.00
Tariffs for international calls
1 1 minute of international calln 0.32