ULTEL offers Virtual Private Network (VPN) services for enterprises (banks, retail chains, etc.) that need to connect their branches and offices into a single data network. ULTEL provides this service not only in the territory of its service, but also in the territories of other operators as a result of cooperation with these operators, both in Baku and the regions. Tariffs for the services can be found here.
The cost of connecting a digital communication channel (port) (regardless of speed), manat, including VAT 50
Monthly fee for using a digital communication channel (port) (depending on speed), manat, including VAT  
32 kb/s 4.00
128 kb/s 9.00
256 kb/s 14.00
512 kb/s 20.00
1 mb/s 30.00
2 mb/s 50.00
10 mb/s 250.00
100 mb/s 400.00
1 Gb/s 700.00